So Long, Mom! — Some Tips for Those Who Come After Us

A model posing in front of a nuclear bomb’s mushroom cloud in Nevada.
  1. Assume that this is the “golden rule” of life on Earth — “leave the place better than you found it.”
  2. Don’t allow small groups of people to hold the world hostage.
  3. Don’t allow these same small groups to reassure us by saying “don’t worry fellas — if they shoot, we’ll shoot as well!”
  4. Water the plants, if there are any left.
  5. Don’t leave the lights on, we have to be mindful of the remaining climate.
  6. If possible, avoid labeling people as either “good” or “bad.”
  7. Assume this is the only home you’ve got until proven otherwise.
  8. If proven otherwise, still refer to these rules.
  9. Don’t look for anything underground, it ain’t worth it.



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Dylan Rice

Dylan Rice

Agitator, banned-book list hopeful, failed-politician, suit-wearer, soul music-fanatic.